Welcome to Syntactics SLPS!
Syntactics Speech & Language Pathology Services, LLC is a private
practice directed by
Grace H. Park, Ph.D., a certified speech & language
pathologist whose aim is to offer personalized, evidence based, and
effective clinical services which integrate her research knowledge and
clinical experience. At Syntactics SLPS, individual treatment sessions are
focused on acquisition of correct skills that apply to speech, language,
cognition, feeding and/or swallowing.  Group therapy may be available for
generalization and maintenance of skills.  Following many years in
research, Dr. Park is excited to provide
clinical services of the highest
caliber to her adult and pediatric patients.  

Speech, language, voice, feeding and swallowing disorders can affect
anyone at any age. Millions of infants, children, and adults in America
suffer from a communication or swallowing disorder. Whether it’s a
difficulty in swallowing or a disorder such as stuttering, delayed or
impaired language and speech, or a voice problem, a person’s ability to
learn and interact with others can be affected, impacting their quality of life.

Speech & language pathology services are available at our office in

Ashburn, VA.  Services are by appointment throughout the week.